Windows and Thresholds Beyond Closed Doors 13 /14 & 20/21 May


Hauntology. Performance at Bell House. Photo credit: Sarah Sparkes

Much of Berthe Morisot’s work remains in private collections, beyond closed doors.  She mostly worked inside unlike her ‘en plein air’ contemporaries, and the door to being seen as a professional artist remained closed to her.  However, rather than perceiving windows as representing barriers, Morisot used them to experience and to frame a scene and to bring light and air in. She re-purposed them to reverse the traditional image of the woman at the window and to challenge the idea of gendered spaces.

In this exhibition ten multidisciplinary artists escape from the prevailing boundaries. Their vision plays with portals in unexpected ways. They cross these in-between spaces created by windows and by thresholds, to present works which evoke a sense of possibility and opportunity. After all, a threshold links the interior to the exterior; it is an entry and an exit point; and most importantly it is the point of departure for an adventure.

Rosie Barnes
Léonie Cronin
Nicky Hirst
Monika Kita
Sarah Lightman
Laura Moreton-Griffiths
Ella Soni
Lucy Soni
Charlotte Squire
Kim Thornton