Waiting Room at tactileBosch | 12-27 November 2021

Treading tentatively across the threshold, fluorescent lights flicker overhead. A cursory glance at the address reveals that yes, you have arrived at the right location. The scene is mundane in its familiarity, not offering much in the way of amenities; a transient space identical to a thousand before it. Inside, there are others already waiting, the aseptic room betrays the collective urgency of the encounter, the unspoken risks, the apparent hope, the absolute horror. Still, nothing left to do but pull up a chair, grab a magazine, and wait for the intercom to call out your number. Do get comfortable, you might be here a while.

Waiting Room is a group exhibition featuring sculpture, moving image, performance, text and sound works by fifteen international artists. The exhibition theme is a response to the transitory nature of liminal spaces, the uncanny in-between that binds ‘what was’ to ‘what will be’.



Friday 12 November

6pm – 10pm



13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27 November

12pm – 5pm


tactileBosch Lounge

Capitol Shopping Centre
Queen St
CF10 2HQ


Waiting Room artists

Amelie Mckee, Ma Baocheng, Melle Nieling, Louise Ørsted Jensen, Sergei Zinchuk, Alessandro Moroni, Elena Lo Presti, Laura Moreton-Griffiths, Kevin Siwoff, Lulu Wang, Amy Wright, Iona Mitchell, Patrick O’Neill, Luis Tapia.