The Sky is Moving Sideways. Sculpture Trail at Stephens House & Gardens

Devised by Rebekah Dean.


The trail builds on the 2020 Sculpture Trail, Briefly IN-TRANSIT, funded by Arts Council England, when artists were invited to present transient and ephemeral artworks, that ingeniously could stand up to the elements, and challenge the boundaries of impermanence. 

The aim of a sculpture trail is for viewers to walk a distance in-between the artworks. Unlike a gallery space which presents a confined interior setting and shorter walking distances between the artworks, a trail offers the experience of being outdoors, and an opportunity to connect with nature, art, and the open air.


Trail Artists 2022

Helen Billinghurst, Laura Moreton-Griffiths, Sean Worrall, Mary T Spence, Caroline Halliday, Emma Harvey, Lito Apostolakou, Jenny Klein, Teresa Paiva, Monika Tobel, Rebekah Dean.




Tuesday 13 September 6.30-8pm

Stephens House & Gardens

17 East End Road



N3 3QE