Being Duchamp Becoming Elsa at Southwark Festival of Words 20 & 25 June




Being Duchamp, becoming Elsa, silent movie 

Monday 20 June (Dulwich) on the hour AND Saturday 25 June (Canada Water) all day

Have you heard of ‘the ‘Urinal’? Love it or hate it, ‘Fountain’ is considered one of the most important artworks of the 20th century. There is a replica of it authorised by the artist Marcel Duchamp in Tate Modern. Some people believe it wasn’t made by him though, but by a less well known artist Elsa von Freytag. What would it mean if an artwork that changed the way we look at the world was made by a woman? In her short film, artist Laura Moreton-Griffiths explores the complex dynamic between the two artists and Elsa’s influence, not just on the man but on his alter ego Rose Selavy.


Dulwich Library 368 Lordship Lane SE22 8NB

Canada Water Library 21 Surrey Quays Road SE16 7AR


This event is FREE—no need to book


Getting into character, being Duchamp: production shot for Being Duchamp Becoming Elsa, 2021.