Killing You Softly

History painting an end to war

M4 Tank, from the series Conscientious-Objecting 2023. Archival Giclée Print on Hahnemühle Paper.

An Artwork Event

An artwork event made in opposition to the arms economy and permanent war. An immersive, participatory, and interactive picture, in the field of fine art and protest. Contemporising the problematic genre of history painting as civic space.

A one-act tale of an unlikeable female protagonist, whose search for power and money leads to devastating war. What must happen to make her stop and accept her culpability?.

With some singing and dancing. If we are to change the world, we must do what we are afraid of.

A fairytale dress, a landmine shaped handbag, M4 tanks, AK47s, 20m of barbed wire, a B21 stealth bomber, Doric columns, capitols, the torso of a classical sculpture, a dead body, a reusable body bag, 1940s style bikini, banners, bricks, revolutionary flag – all hand sewn, made out of canvas, chosen for its origins in sail cloth and the artist’s canvas.

Performed to a specially commissioned sound track by Joseph Day.

Documentary image of rehearsal at Space Clarence Mews 2023.

Audience Participation Summer Sharing at Space Clarence Mews 2022
Audience Participation Summer Sharing at Space Clarence Mews 2022
Rehearsals 2022-23.
Rehearsals 2022-23.