The Social Contract. Novel Roman (2024) 18:39 mins

Pushed to breaking a bag-grown Keeper breaks her Terms & Conditions, hurting the thing she loves most.

Muse – Luella Disley
Guest – Carol Moreton
Original music – Lauren Dejey
Sound recording – Isa Suarez

The story was written in 2021. It was originally envisaged as Earth, one in a collection of speculative fictions, designed around the alchemical elements: EARTH, AIR, FIRE, WATER and BRIMSTONE, building blocks that built the world the way it is – that could just as easily built it differently. In this near future of corporate nation states, toxic supply chains and environmental collapse, hope, like lifeblood runs through and the smallest act of resistance has global effect. Welcome to the Great Transition.

The Social Contract tells the story of a young woman, synthetically grown and raised as her mother’s carer. It is a complex tale about life controlled by the state, describing war fought of new fronts, new waves of feminism and their battle with misogyny, woman’s rights, abortion rights, the right to life, designer babies grown outside the womb (exogenesis) and bio ethics, and the impact of trans-generational trauma on families. It raises questions about how history the victor’s story is manipulated to what end and explores the reality of truth in the AI era and even false memory.

The images were made by taking a series of photographs with model and muse Luella Disley, which were then fed into an AI, and given very specific language prompts to try to coax the AI to give images that fit. There is an element of control and an element of the unknown and often complete surprise. The AI produces its images by taking what it is given and responding, drawing on everything available to it on the Internet. Much of which is riddled with bias.

As an artist it is essential that I explore the possibilities of AI. AI has proven to be useful tool. As yet, I am uncertain about its implications. I try to draw attention to some of the issues with the work.

The soundtrack is a beautiful piece of music by young recording artist and songwriter, Lauren DJ. Called ‘Drowning me’, it is about what’s under the surface, ego and control and wanting to be free.

This, as all my work, is ongoing. New iterations and versions are in the pipeline.

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