Current Projects

4 May 2020


DATA | GIFT is an ongoing, experimental science fiction. Set in a far-future, the future past, and future, it is at once frightening, exotic and familiar. The story tells of Reaper2, one of one and one of many, and her Systas, a cluster of female Artificial General Intelligence, and their coming into Knowing. Seeking to reset the world and the bias in their originating code, they bring on a devastating change of events. And. There’s a problem. A trans human child that must be born. The story imagines an alternative structure built and run by distributed machine intelligence and the politics of data.

Original story and drawing: Laura Moreton-Griffiths
Edited: Omar Karmi
Cinematography: Lara Moreton-Griffiths
Costume design: Lola Moreton-Griffiths
VFX and Sound: Laura Moreton-Griffiths
Music: Isa Suarez

+ Download the short story [Available 08 May 2020]