BLINK Room Share 2, Safehouse1, Peckham 1 – 3 April


Lucy Soni sharing with Paul Dickerson, Josephine Kibuka, Matthew Lippiatt, Laura Moreton-Griffiths, Sophie Newel, The Folder Builds and Ella Soni.

Dido Hallet and co-curator Catherine Long sharing with Phil Allen, Joshua Armitage, David Buckley, Emma Franks, Ryan Kish, Ansel Krut, Scott McCracken, Lena Pomford, Sukey Sleeper and Hannah Tilson

Min Angel sharing with Tony Beaver, Camilla Bliss, Danielle Hodson, Suzanne Holtom, Rebecca Parkin, Nadja Plein and Marianne Walker.

Laura Wormell sharing with Hannah Bays, Ellie Cotton, Grant Foster, Andrea Medjesi-Jones, Michael O’Mahony and Jasmine Pajdak

John Wyatt-Clarke sharing with Jonathan Alibone, Kendall Clarke, Lara Davies, Juliette Ezavin, Bill Stewart, Alice Walter and Dylan Williams


April 1st 6-9pm

April 2nd and 3rd 12-5.30pm


Safehouse 1, 139 Copeland Road, Peckham SE15 3SN.


Thanks to Laura Wormell, Catherine long and John Wyatt-Clarke who are guesting in the house and Min Angel and Dido Hallett of BLINK.


BLINK is an artists’ platform set up in 2021 by Min Angel, Lucy Soni and Dido Hallet.


(Installation view: BLINK Safehouse1) Tally Rand, 2020. Large format print on canvas 210cm H x 88cm Approx. W.