Artist statement

As capitalism is failing our agency is reducing rapidly with it – how do we take back our agency? My philosophical practice is my attempt to do just that. My enquiry is my resistance, challenging what I know about the world and asking others to do so also, so that we can build a new and more equitable world picture.

Developing out of my over-arching project exploring how capitalism got into our head and how we get it out, ongoing works try to understand how the world is built and illuminate discriminatory social practices. From a young age I have had a strong sense that things aren’t right.

The stories I tell about conflict and control, blend fact and fiction, and mix personal biography with strange or little known histories. Delving through history, I am amazed by what I don’t know, what we have forgotten or written out of the grand narrative. For example, the well-known urinal that changed the way we view art and think about the world, I have come to believe was not made by the man who claimed it as his, but by Elsa von Freitag, a woman. Excited to share my shock and awe, my research goes through a lengthy process of writing, collaging and storyboarding, and collaboration across disciplines. Traditional processes are mixed with interactive and broadcast technologies and crafted with precision and slow labour.

The works are unapologetically wonky. Tender, funny, political, soulful, conflicting, sad; and have a recognisable black and white aesthetic. From room-sized graphic novels that people can walk around – the characters drawn in pencil and ink on paper, gesso on board, and painted in oil on laser-cut powder-coated steel, activated by Arduino circuits and proximity sensors; to 3D characters and environments; hand-drawn animation cut with live action and digital film; and handmade costumes and props for performance to screen and in real life.

For the last five years, I have focused on creating speculative fictions for immersive storytelling events that use multi linear narratives, in the hope I can contribute to better representation in our story.