Artist statement

Artist Statement

My works are unapologetically wonky. Tender, funny, political, philosophical, conflicting, sad. A narrative painter, my practice calls on many historical, cultural and personal references, theoretical ideas and art criticism – trying to represent the endless flow of history on a human scale and gaps in the dominant narratives and a multiplicity. My themes include moral panic; ideologies; conflict and control. With wry humour. The narratives are often too contradictory for one painting hanging on a wall, so my work is realised across disciplines, in a range of media: drawing, painting, objects, photography, digital collage and film, performance via a cast of characters and research published as zines. In 2016 I began working with the limitless possibilities of science fictions, setting my work in The Near Future; building a world, mirroring and exaggerating what I see around me.

Like the Myth of Pandora. Essay by Anna McNay. Art writer and Assistant Editor, Art Quarterly