Current Projects

15 April 2020

302_Redirect online festival


Originally existing as a physical showcase of work, 302_Redirect has emerged, amidst the newly pressing and uncertain techno-spherical art world, as a way for students of the RCA Contemporary Art Practice course to radically navigate how art can be made and collective projects curated under extreme restriction. The project involves the inevitable and uncomfortable adaptation to new means of creation and organisation, at a time where this seems more crucial than ever.

302_Redirect will be circulated and hosted through various partner platforms, such as LUX, the ICA, South Kiosk and Montez Press Radio, however, will bedrock itself in its own website [found at]. The online project will expand over a 4-week duration through a series of online events, exploits and exposés, including live-broadcast symposiums, interactive gaming, durational performance, and moving image screenings.

302_Redirect is a multi-disciplinary 4-week durational showcase of exploratory works, online events, exploits and exposés. Created and curated by @rca_criticalpractice in immediate response to the newly pressing and uncertain techno-spherical art world.

302redirect will also be circulated and hosted by:

Sound of montez press radio ____ 27 April 4-6pm

Instagram takeover ____ 27 April – 03 May @low_res_camera_roll

Moving image works via the ICA ____ 04-10 May

Live and talks with Pil Kollective ____ 19 May