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5 June 2020

🆘 Stop the Spike Island Studio Evictions

Questioning the direction of Spike Island as it evicts one of its founder artists. At stake is the freedom to practice without distinct or quantifiable outcomes. Globally, socioeconomic and cultural forces are knocking hard at the studio door. While there is enormous pressure on art institutions to adopt profit-led business models, we wonder what metrics are at play here – what is the business model that is being adopted? I urge Spike Island to reconsider these evictions and to safeguard the sanctity of the artist studio.
A studio is an essential place for an artist, being both refuge and battleground. Eviction will be catastrophic for Silverman and the Spike Island community. As a non-profit publicly funded art organisation, we need to question the governance structures and interests of Spike Island. I urge funders, trustees, artists and the public to pressure the management by signing the Action Network petition against these evictions.

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+ Art Monthly issue 437 June 2020

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