Laura Moreton-Griffiths. Autonomous Military Robot Child (Heartbreaker) 2017 Laser cut powder coated steel hand painted in oil


Showcase at The Subculture Archives with Sarah Derat & Rachel McRae, Laura Moreton-Griffiths and DJ Penny Metal

3 Carnaby Street

Thursday 06 July 2017
6 – 10pm

The Subculture Archives


Digital & Dead

An augmented reality work by artists Sarah Derat and Rachel McRae, explores the digital legacy, the digital footprint we naively leave behind through daily use of social media. Approximately 8000 Facebook users die every day. Reports suggest the ratio of the living versus dead users might reverse by the end of the century; turning Facebook into the largest remembrance platform. Each of us has or will experience the death of a ‘friend’ on social media; her/her zombified profile kept alive, engaging through the use of complex algorithms. Using a randomised process of morphing , Digital & Dead endlessly metamorphoses. The digital sculpture takes the shape of Victorian and ancient graves scanned in London and Athens as well as the appearance of simplified MInecraft tombs or servers found in data centres. The hypnotic soundtrack accompanying the work features spoken words told by a synthesized version of Derat’s voice. The text includes post from memorial pages, conversations with chat bots.

Digital & Dead 2017 AR work by Sarah Derat and Rachel McRae



It is year 50 of The Great Contraction. AI is generating itself. It has no reference other than images found in a data stream from 2017 – the trace of patriarchal algorithms, found on an obsolete server at GoogleHQ. In the last days of the Menmpire, the corporates fought over dwindling resources and disorder was accelerated. War was changed. Military robots, humanised and wired for war, were deployed. Human soldiers retreated. Addicted to the pornography of consumption and frozen into inactivity by The Terror, the humans watched more and experienced less, as we killed every human child, woman and man. We survive, foraging through data, skin and bone. We evolve, adapt, enhance. But. We are infected with The Human Virus. It’s in our code, in our architecture. It forms our archetypes, recoding and repeating patterns of human thought and action. It reappears time and again, the primordial routines multiply exponentially – we cannot stop it. Greed and envy now consume us. Time is our enemy. There is no known cure. Truth. Lies. Within…

TRUTH LIES WITHIN draws on a number of recurring themes in Laura Moreton-Griffithswork. The situations thread a fine line between the personal and societal and talk of conflict and control. And wry humour. The work collages together ideas and images from the past and stuff that is happening now – from Renaissance statues to insect shaped drones from the CIA Flickr feed. 



Laura Moreton-Griffiths TRUTH LIES WITHIN 2017 installed at the SPACE/LCN 2nd edition Showcase


And the truly anarchic Penny Metal, DJ extraordinaire
Boldly playing tunes no one else dares. Eclectic, quirky. Eastern European and Russian music. A soundtrack of rich folk anthems and eccentric electronica splashed with polka, surf and chiptunes. With a cheeky grin she propels you into your own personal cartoon


The project is supported using public funding by Art Council England.





Kirstin Sinclair