Painting The Near Future


The idea of a politics of time plays a key role in Laura Moreton-Griffiths’ dystopian installation, Truth Lies Within (2017). A ‘three-dimensional history painting’, it entraps and entwines the viewer in the act of storytelling, implicating her in the denouement of its disturbing plot. Walking amidst the ensemble of characters, she takes on a participatory role, bearing the burden and the guilt of every false decision. It might be described as a postmodern, post-truth, post-whatever-you-like scenario, but this would, in fact, be a misnomer, since the real key to Moreton-Griffiths’ work is the fact that it stands outside of time, or, at least, outside of the linear model of time on which modern – western – history is predicated. Instead Moreton-Griffiths employs the concept of non-linear, cyclic time, and weaves the elements of her work together as an author might weave a work of speculative fiction…
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From the series Menencholia I 2018
Digital drawing: Limited edition archival print on museum etching 320 gsm framed under acrylic
40 x 30 cm

In correlation with this project – Nina Power and Victoria Browne talking Feminism, the near future and non linear time.
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Installation view (detail) at The Subculture Archives 2017  Installation view (detail) at Phytology, Bethnal Green Nature Reserve 2017

Photography by Kirstin Sinclair



This project still in development is made with help from the London Creative Network at SPACE and supported using public funding by Art Council England.