3 January 2019

Help me reach my #Kickstarter target.

Zine, prints and original drawings available to collect via Kickstarter. I am studying observational drawing at the Royal Drawing School. Please support my art education and professional development. Ends 30 January 11.50pm.

18 December 2018

Drawing at Constructors Gallery, Blackfriars Bridge southern side

15 November 2018

Conversations between women artists

The Fine Arts are notorious for their lack of representation for women. With female artists less likely to have work sold through a gallery or achieve the highest sums at auction. The situation is changing and Her Art-Story celebrates the achievements of successful women working in the arts.

Her Art-Story is a series of intimate conversations between invited female artists and curators intended to provide inspiration to negotiate your own path in the art world or at the least have a greater understanding of female practitioners breaking new ground. All the artists at the forefront of their field share how they developed their practice and professional career and offer straightforward advice.

15 Nov The Lightbox Althea Greenan & Barby Asante Book here
20 Nov Stanley Picker Melanie Jackson & Erika Tan Book here
22 Nov Block 336 Cathy Lomax & Eleanor Moreton Book here
05 Dec South Hill Park Annabel Dover & Laura Lancaster Book here


Her Art-Story is supported by Arts Council England and the National Lottery through the National Lottery Project Grants award. Programmed by artist Laura Moreton-Griffiths and arts consultant Matt Roberts.

For more info please visit Her Art-Story.

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24 October 2018


18 December 2017

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SPACE / London Creative Network Participant Feature

Made with help from the London Creative Network at SPACE and supported using public funding by Art Council England.