Artist statement






Painter, curator, sometimes writer. Telling tales. Political stories about love and loss.


21st century events are tense, destabilising and rotten. The causes are complex, overlapping and many. Complicated by random beauty and kindness – some things just aren’t right. In an attempt to untangle the complexity, I have been delving through autobiographical and cultural memories. Backwards to go forwards. And making art. My art resembles what it opposes.

Drawing, painting, photography, digital collage, film and objects. Tanks, kalashnikovs and gas masks, replicas of real objects from significant events that refer to real social constraints and issues. And performances via a cast of characters. The empty costumes transform from inanimate objects into sites that locate the work and house short films – performed or hung, and animated by simple technology, light, sound and projection.

I am currently working on a project supported using public funding by Arts Council England: Truth Lies Within – an immersive history painting the near future. You will be able to see the work next at The Subculture Archives, 3 Carnaby St, 06 July 6 – 10pm. 


Arts Council England