Artist statement

My works are unapologetically wonky. They are tender, funny, political, philosophical, conflicting, sad. They are my attempt to articulate what I didn’t understand as a child and continue to not understand now. From religious stories, other myths and fairytales, to arguments with my father. They embody a feeling I have always had, that something is not being said, that ideologies get in the way. Asking questions. Answering nothing. It is this space, this tension, these histories, both personal and societal, that I seek to explore. Curious. I am always amazed where a line of inquiry can lead. For some time I have been exploring what it means to be human using the robotic as a metaphor, interested in the seemingly antagonistic relationship of art and technology. Borrowing from history and culture, I create pieces from a vast array of references and political narratives. Using traditional techniques with a contemporary sensibility, across disciplines and in a range of media. Drawing, painting, objects, photography, digital collage, digital film and animation projection, lighting installation, performance via a cast of characters and research published as zines.

Like the Myth of Pandora. Essay by Anna McNay. Art writer and Assistant Editor, Art Quarterly